About us

About us

Like most good ideas arise; just in the garden, while enjoying a snack and a drink!

It was the friends and acquaintances of Mr Jonkman (director) who after an evening of cozy dining said: “The cosiness, quality and attention that you give, you only find in restaurants.” often not this quality and especially not this attention. This gave rise to the start of a catering company with all the knowledge and experience that was present. Now many years later, the company has grown enormously. Still with the same common thread as then: attention!

A good event contains the right mix of location, facilities, activities and catering. Things that seamlessly merge into one another thanks to the experience of NH-Catering & Events. From the invitation, dressing the location to completing the program. And of course also serving culinary surprises, we are the event partner!

And so it has been over the years that it has become increasingly difficult to explain what we do in one sentence, but our starting point has never changed! The starting point remains; translate personal attention and the wishes of the customer into a lasting memory. The actual elaboration of this, however, has always been expanded. This principle has certainly contributed to this.

From a tasteful buffet to fully facilitating and organizing a (public) event. Or a VIP gala dinner with all its facets. In the meantime, we have been able to take care of it all many times! The responses we received ensure that we always get started with our passion and full attention.

And so years later, with personal attention as the core value, we continue to work every day for various (inter) national clients and we are the partner in the field of Catering and Events. We take care of your company from A to Z and think of the smallest details so that you only have to enjoy. We always work after a short interview; (completely free of charge) a customized proposal for your event, appropriate to your event, atmosphere, guests, budget and wishes. And are happy to get started with your event and discuss the appropriate form!


Together with our chef Erwin Hendriks we create the most beautiful dishes and culinary experiences, where the love for the product is always the starting point. Within our business philosophy “Land Liefde” (Country Love) we give local growers a stage and platform in our dishes. With great care and attention we choose our suppliers, mostly small-scale and (West Frisian) regional growers, in order to increase and preserve the North Holland heritage. With a short supply chain; straight from the country, with us in the kitchen and with you at the event! For example, we are co-organizer and creator of “The West-Frisian table” and, in collaboration with one of the founder, Onno Kokmeijer, create the most beautiful culinary experiences in North Holland!


As NH-Catering & Events we work with a sustainable and social philosophy within the company. Corporate social responsibility is therefore of paramount importance! With great pride we have been a partner for years at Frsh and Werksaam West-Friesland, among others. Where we educate, guide and coach people who are at a distance from the labor market into a fully-fledged workforce. Within our company, we therefore set up an intensive training program to ensure that integration into the labor market succeeds, and for several years with great success!


Over the years we have become a partner of many different beautiful companies and organizations including; Stadsherstel Amsterdam, Hendrick de Keyser Foundation, Olympic Stadium, Blue Boat Company, Zaans Museum, Province of North Holland, AMC Amsterdam, KPMG Netherlands, Schouwburg the Park Hoorn and Water Board in various regions.


We are proud to be a member of the trade union and branch organization ONCE (Official Network Catering Events). The association has been in existence for more than 10 years and is intended for party caterers who wish to distinguish themselves from clients by offering guarantees in the areas of hygiene, working conditions and environment, quality, professionalism and delivery reliability. For more information, please refer to the once website; www.once.eu.

The tasting room

No two parties are the same, but thanks to our extensive experience in groups from small to large, we can certainly make a suitable proposal. Dishes with pure products are central to all options. Difficult to choose? Then we can of course make a proposal and organize a tasting to simplify the choice. Experience who we are.

After you have received a well-arranged and clear quotation, we invite you to join us at the company. A quote is a piece of paper, catering is an emotion that is difficult to convey on paper. “Noord-Holland Catering provides catering that you smell, see and taste”. And what could be more fun than a taste of your own event? We take your time quietly and check all the small details with you. While enjoying the menu, snack or drink you have chosen.

After receipt we will immediately take you into the kitchen. Here you will meet our chefs and they will tell you about their method. After the visit to the kitchen we go to the tasting room, where we let you taste the offered snacks and dishes. During this trial session we will discuss your quote and make suggestions about the interior, flowers, crockery, location, entertainment, transportation and much more. Everything so that you have a complete picture of your event. This is also a good time to share the questions you have with us, so that together we can find a suitable answer.

At Noord-Holland Catering, attention is the common thread throughout the company. You deserve this attention as a customer from the first contact. If you want to know more about this, you can always contact us without any obligation.

Suitable to every company

No two companies are alike. Therefore, NH-Catering offers several different options suited to all companies while taking into account the needs, budget and charisma that you wish your company to portray. Beautiful meals made with pure, delicious products form the basis of each and every option. Always the right partner for catering in the area of Amsterdam.

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Noord-Holland Catering for:

  • Providing catering from A-Z for every budget
  • Delivery of catering and accessories
  • High-quality catering, with an eye for detail
  • Regional, seasonal dishes that are pure and purely delicious
  • Catering in the area of Amsterdam