Our chef Erwin Hendriks from Sneek (member of the National Cooking Guild) has the motto “attention”. The chemistry that he finds between taste and presentation ensures that your guests receive a menu that optimally stimulates their taste buds. He uses the best local products from our regular suppliers, for the best menus.
 Discover our culinary world together with our top suppliers from the region!

Henri Willig

LeveranciersHenri Willig has been producing specialty cheeses since 1974 according to traditional craftsmanship methods. ‘From the land to the customer’ is their underlying premise, so this cheese manufacturer supplies honest and distinctive quality products with respect for people, animals and nature. Their cheese is made in cheese factories in Katwoude and Heerenveen. In addition to cow’s milk cheese, their range also includes various goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses, ranging from young to mature and including numerous herbal combinations. A number of these cheeses have won international awards. Their delicious Dutch cheese specialties are exported to more than 25 countries and sold in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and other cities under the labels of Henri Willig, Polderkaas and organic Hooidammer cheese.


LeveranciersJan van As

Since 1949 in Amsterdam, the Jan van As fresh fish company has been providing a range of high quality fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Not only is quality important to this family company, but sustainability is also a priority. This company is committed to providing a 100% durable range of fish and accomplishes this partly by being a major sponsor of the “Vis en Seizoen” (Fish & Season) Foundation. Of course van As complies with international ISO and FSSC-guidelines and its products carry the MSC label. Fresh fish company Jan van As continues to improve its products and is a leading force in the trading of fish species that are caught and/or cultivated in an environmentally responsible manner.

Puro KoffieLeveranciers

Puro coffee is grown, harvested and processed from A to Z according to international guidelines by Max Havelaar Amsterdam. Coffee producers get a fair price and an additional premium helps to set up development projects in their community. In addition, their growers and employees work in humanitarian conditions and what’s more, producers use eco-friendly production methods. This coffee is not only delicious, but also fair-trade. And this, you can actually taste!

LeveranciersRuitenburg vlees en vleeswaren

Meat products company Ruitenburg is a trendsetter in the field of cutting and packaging meat products, and offers a wide range with guaranteed quality. For example, Ruitenburg has the right cutting machines that are used by specialized personnel with a thorough product and hygiene knowledge. Thanks to the high service, quality of the sliced meat products is always guaranteed.

 Dick SchaapLeveranciers

Dick Schaap fruit and vegetables are fresh from the country. Its large network of local growers allows hospitality industry wholesalers to source a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables as local produce. Their range of available organic products is also extensive and affordable. As for innovation, the company is always looking for new products and distinguishes itself by the exclusive products that it is able to provide. Purchasing policies at Dick Schaap focus on sustainability; not only in the way in which products are grown but also where they originate. Always honest and fresh!

LeveranciersKees Gutter

Every night, the bakers at Kees Gutter bake the tastiest and most comprehensive artisan bread assortment of Waterland. Waterland’s bread is made according to its own recipe and is available in five different varieties, from white to pumpkin to brown breads. In addition to its crispy white and brown breads the bakery also has unique Molen (milled) bread in multiple varieties; leavened sourdough bread, and wind-milled flour bread. These are all full of flavour, and do not contain any additives. Pure bread from the Waterland in the area of Amsterdam!


Veldboer-Eenhoorn works with quality, knowledge and experience to realize growth together with its customer. They work together with local partners as much as possible. By continuously responding to developments in the market, they continue to meet the needs of the customer. From food to non-food, from frozen to fresh products and gluten-free to organic.


LeveranciersHet Bakkersatelier

Thanks to years of experience and a passion for bread baking and patisserie, the Bakkersatelier is a well known in the head of North Holland. Since a few years Het Bakkersatelier has been part of Veldboer-Eenhoorn. All products are made according to traditional methods, using pure raw materials. The bread is pure nature and are all free of added E-numbers and lactose. The bread is made on the basis of home-made desem. They also have different breads in the assortment that have been developed together with our chefs, so that the balance between the different ingredients exactly fits our clients.



Suitable to every company

No two companies are alike. Therefore, NH-Catering offers several different options suited to all companies while taking into account the needs, budget and charisma that you wish your company to portray. Beautiful meals made with pure, delicious products form the basis of each and every option. Always the right partner for catering in the area of Amsterdam.

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