Your lunch breaks up your working day. This may not always benefit your workflow, but it does provide more benefits than you think! Your lunchbreak provides you with time to lay down your work, relax and socialise with colleagues. This will sharpen your outlook on your afternoon’s work and even gives you time to look at the business from a different perspective. So make sure that you take time out for lunch and make sure that you can enjoy it!

Lunch can take on many forms, from a light lunch such as a fresh salad to a thick slice of country bread with a bowl of hot soup. If you should have an important meeting appointment with outlook over the canals of Amsterdam, a beautiful multi-course menu while watching the skyline of Amsterdam of fresh seasonal products can be provided by Noord Holland Catering in the whole city region of Amsterdam and provence of North Holland.

The new tradition
Bread rolls of today with flavours of the past. This is the idea behind the concept of ‘the new tradition’. Only natural and gourmet products are used with only natural aromas, colours and flavour added. One of our bread rolls is the French Batard; made with a little sourdough which gives it a delicious flavour. This is a unique bread with crunchy crust on the outside but soft and light on the inside.

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Looking for a light lunch, a green addition to another buffet or just as an added extra? Our salads are a perfect choice. They include great new style salads as well as the old classics; plenty of options for everyone. Carefully selected products lovingly prepared by our chefs. They are created from the best of products from our suppliers in the region of Amsterdam and seasonal influences form the heart of our extensive range of salads.

Our salads also combine well with our various buffets as a truly green compliment to your meal.

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Hot Lunch
Also feel like heating something and what extras during lunch? No problem! In addition to a wide range of sandwiches, lunch can also be extended with a delicious soup or another hot lunch item. From home-made richly filled vegetable soup to light spinach soup with smoked salmon, from a warm savoury vegetable quiche to give lunch that little bit extra.

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Lack of time or on the go? In that case, a foodie/lunchbox is the ideal solution. A well-stocked lunch box, completely made to your wishes. A satisfying lunch, including drinks, a small treat and a piece of fruit is the perfect energy starter to make your day’s energy last even longer. It is also easy to manage, easy to carry and easy to hand out.

All of the lunchboxes can be customised to your preferences and to your target group. Feel free to contact us for suitable suggestions.

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Suitable to every company

No two companies are alike. Therefore, NH-Catering offers several different options suited to all companies while taking into account the needs, budget and charisma that you wish your company to portray. Beautiful meals made with pure, delicious products form the basis of each and every option. Always the right partner for catering in the area of Amsterdam.

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