Felix Meritis

Parties, Wedding, Meetings

They wanted the society again. Felix Meritis was a place where people music listened and discussed about art, culture and science. The central staircase, the oval concert hall and the dome remind of the original 18th-century interior.


Felix Meritis is made up of a number of different rooms; the Concert Hall, the Columns Hall, the Shaffyzaal, the Dome Hall, the Teekenzaal, the Star room and the Observatory

Room Theatre Reception Dinner Carré
Concert Hall 280 guests 400 guests 160 guests  
Columns Hall 150 guests 200 guests 130 guests  
Shaffyzaal 150 guests 300 guests 100 guests 48 guests
Dome Hall 80 guests 100 guests 70 guests 40 guests
Teekenzaal 80 guests 150 guests 70 guests 50 guests
Star room 25 guests 25 guests 20 guests 20 guests
Observatory   25 guests 20 guests  


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