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In beautiful Oosthuizen, located on the Beemster Ringvaart, you will find this special Grote Kerk Oosthuizen. This Gothic cruciform church with its high windows has defined the silhouette of Oosthuizen for five centuries. In addition, one can say with some certainty that the organ is the oldest playable organ in Europe.

In 1982 this church building, together with the churches in Beets, Kwadijk and Oudendijk, was transferred by the Reformed Municipality to the Stichting Oude Hollandse Kerken.

The shape of the church is that of a cruciform church without aisles. This floor plan is characteristic of the Gothic style of the coastal provinces, especially of North Holland. The need for a multi-altar church and the lack of resources to build a multi-aisled church probably gave rise to this type. The Grote Kerk has 175 seats. And can accommodate approximately 140 people in theater style. The church also has a beautiful exhibition space that creates a special atmosphere for your reception.


Oosthuizen is beautifully situated on the Beemster Ringvaart, about twenty kilometers above Amsterdam. It has a beautiful Gothic cruciform church, the Grote Kerk Oosthuizen, at the Raadhuisstraat 61. For five centuries, the Grote Kerk Oosthuizen with its beautiful crossing turret with openwork peer spire has defined Oosthuizen’s silhouette. The interior with its special decorative elements is also worth a look. The church is grand and museum-like and is therefore excellent for concerts, meetings and exhibitions. This church has also been officially designated as a wedding location.


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