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The building opened its doors in 1932. This location is inextricably linked to the history of Amsterdam North. The Zonnehuis was built on the basis of the philosophy that a flourishing club life is important for the education of the working class. That is why it was built for the community life of the residents of Tuindorp Oostzaan. This location was narrowly saved from demolition in 1993. Later, in 2002, it came into the possession of Stadsherstel. The beautiful interiors were still largely authentic, but the shell was in a dilapidated condition. The national monument is now in its full glory and it once again brings together all kinds of activities.

The Zonnehuis is used for performances, musicals and concerts. Special attention is paid to, for example, creativity, innovation and talent development. Not only conferences, but also lectures, film recordings, TV programs, workshops and presentations are well suited here. The old-fashioned interior gives weddings and dinners an extra atmospheric size. The smaller Blauwe Zaal is often used for (and by) the neighborhood with children’s performances. But also for dance afternoons for the elderly and rehearsals for theater groups and choirs. In the large hall (425 seats) there is a stage on which performances are played. The maximum number of seats in the Blauwe Zaal theater set-up is 100. Both rooms can be rented separately.

The maximum number of seats in the Grote Zaal theater style is 450. This 450 seats includes the 50 seats on the balcony. The maximum number of seats in the Blauwe Zaal theater set-up is 100.


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