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The Church of Ransdorp is located in rural North, close to the city but at the same time far away from the busy life. The church can be recognized from a great distance by its characteristic stubby tower, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

The Church of Ransdorp is available for dinners, receptions, presentations, workshops, weddings and concerts. The Church of Ransdorp is located on the village square and has a beautiful, large garden. The location has a history dating back to the Middle Ages and an environment that brings you back to basics: nature. The Kerk van Ransdorp has modern facilities needed for contemporary events, such as underfloor heating, sanitary facilities and audiovisual options.

A great opportunity to achieve personal growth and new insights. The capacity of the church of Ransdorp is 150 people for a reception, 120 people for a concert and 80 people for a dinner.

This church is the Dutch Reformed Church of Ransdorp in Amsterdam-North. The original church was lost in 1715 by fire caused by a lightning strike. The current church was built in 1719 to replace an early 15th century predecessor. The progresser was demolished due to dilapidation, after its destruction during the Eighty Years’ War. The building underwent a major restoration in 1833, after which it was rebuilt again between 1936 and 1938 due to dilapidation, to a design by J.C. Hoogendorp. Here, 18th-century building materials were reused. This happened at the same time as the restoration of the then very dilapidated tower.

The church building was renovated in 2006 by Stadsherstel Amsterdam and has been out of use since about 2000. The Church of Ransdorp has a striking tower, which dates from the early sixteenth century. The location has a history dating back to the Middle Ages. The Toren van Ransdorp is a reminder of the flourishing shipping, trade and industry that the village knew especially in the fifteenth century.

To enhance the historical atmosphere during your event, it is possible to burn the copper chandeliers with real candles. As in most Stadsherstel event locations, this church also has a concert grand piano and a well-functioning Dekker organ.

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