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You can go to the Markthal Purmerend for a fully catered event. Our team can organize everything for you in the field of catering, furnishing, decoration and technology. The market hall is equipped with a number of basic facilities and at the same time leaves enough space to turn every event into something unique. Depending on the setting, this location can accommodate up to 600 people. The market hall can be decorated entirely to your own taste, style or theme. We can coordinate the atmosphere, furnishing and catering nicely and with the basic lighting, the hall can be illuminated in your desired color at the touch of a button. This is also no problem for events with music, because there is a beautiful sound system in the market hall. The Markthal Purmerend is very easy to reach by car. Just a few minutes’ walk from this location, there is a parking garage that is open 24 hours a day.

The Markthal Purmerend is really right in the center. When you get married in the market hall, you are the center of attention. The large glass windows make the space light and provide a beautiful view for a romantic ceremony. Moreover, the location can also be divided into different areas, which can all be furnished to your liking. This allows the ceremony, dinner and party to take place in the same location. This location is therefore ideal for your wedding.

The market hall is a development in the historic center of Purmerend and is in keeping with the city’s market tradition. The design location is part of the Koemarkt and was known in the past as the nuka site (sober calf market). After the disappearance of the market function, the site was converted into a car park. The complex has a double function: a large market hall on the ground floor and seven spacious apartments on the second and third floors. The space of the market hall can be regarded as a covered square, shielded all around by high glass windows that can be opened and closed as required. When opened, these windows form a canopy. The market hall is then clearly open and freely accessible from the surrounding public space. The canopy creates a beautiful, gradual transition between the forecourt and the inner world of the market hall.

The modern market hall is multifunctional and suitable for a wide variety of activities. The apartments on the 1st floor are spacious and luxurious and have a wide view of the center of the historic city center. When designing this complex, the main focus was that the building should be an enrichment of the historic city center. That is why we opted for a traditional construction with ‘classically’ designed facades. Various historical prints of, among others, the Purmerpoort have served as inspiration for the entrance gate to the rear area from the Plantsoenstraat and the main entrance of the apartments from the Koemarkt.


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