Oude Raadhuis Monnickendam

Wedding, Meetings

In the town of Monnickendam in Waterland, the monumental patrician house that was built in 1746 for the merchant Albert Timmerman and his wife Maria Bent is on the Noordeinde. From 1814 to 1996 the house served as a ‘Oude Raadhuis in Monnickendam’.

The house has a Hall, staircase and two beautiful rooms in rococo style. Particular in this House is that the walls in a room hung with original black leather wallpaper, dating from 1746 and is still preserved. The magnificent fireplace and the rococo ceilings are part of this historic Interior. The great room and the room with the gold leather wallpapers are available for private gatherings, meetings and dinners.

This unique location in North Holland is not only suitable for dinners, but also for private meetings and meetings, or for drinks with small groups. The surroundings of Monnickendam are ideally suited for a day-filling arrangement with special activities.


Concert 30 guests
Presentation/reception 45 guests
Dinner 25 guests
Meeting 20 guests
Marriage 45 guests


The ‘Oude Raadhuis’ is located in Monnickendam. Monnickendam is close to Volendam, and is so easy to combine. This location is accessible by public transport and by car. You can free parking in the front of ‘Oude Raadhuis Monnickendam’.


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