P3 Purmerend

Parties, Meetings

Do you have a big party to celebrate or do you organize a big event? Then P3 Purmerend is the ideal location. The pop venue has three multifunctional rooms that can be used separately or in combination with each other.

You can use the large room with balcony, the small room, the theater or the foyer. These modern rooms offer exceptional possibilities and can be fully furnished and decorated.

Being a pop stage P3 offers something extra. Each room can be compared to a ‘black box’ which brings with it a number of possibilities. The rooms are equipped with spectacular light and excellent sound, for example. There is also a stage with all conceivable facilities.


  Dimensions Reception Theatre Dinner
Grote Zaal 330 m2 600 guests 275 guests 175 guests
Grote Zaal + Balkon 425 m2 800 guests 275 guests 175 guests
Kleine Zaal 240 m2 300 guests 120 guests 80 guests
Theater Zaal 208 m2 300 guests 134 guests 100 guests
Foyer 200 m2 200 guests 60 guests
Boven foyer 100 m2 100 guests 20 guests 20 guests


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