Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Parties, Meetings

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is the event location in the heart of Amsterdam. PTA has a phenomenal view of the IJ-port and the city centre, with excellent parking. Under the undulating roof, which symbolizes the connection between land and water, is a sea of possibilities for events. The transparent and open character of the location offers you the opportunity to fully and the location need to be completed and to dress.

The three levels, Main Deck, Promenade Deck and Panorama Deck, are separate to use, but also make up one whole. High ceilings and plenty of natural light will give you the feeling of space. The Decks are tiered on top of each other, this preserves the intimacy of your events preserved.

Main deck

As the Main Deck of a ship extends from bow to stern, the Main Deck of PTA extends from front to back of the building. The wavy shape of the sixteen-meter high roof symbolizes the connection between land and water and the huge wooden beams in the interior are a reminder of the shipbuilding tradition. The transparency of the building and the many glass on the Main Deck provide natural daylight with a beautiful light in all seasons.

Promenade deck

The Promenade Deck offers spectacular views over the IJ harbor and the old town of Amsterdam. The glass walls and the large outdoor terrace on both sides of the Deck offer you the opportunity to enjoy this phenomenal view inside as well as outside. There are two glowing walls on the Promenade Deck; Twenty-five-meter-long LED walls that can be illuminated in any color. This immediately gives your event atmosphere. There is also a fixed bar, elevator and a large catering space.

Panorama Deck

As the final deck, the passenger terminal has the Panorama Deck, and with its 340 m2 it immediately gives an intimate atmosphere to your event. The Panorama Deck contains a solid bar and is located like a Panorama Deck that belongs, at a height of 10 meters. Because the Deck is situated at this height and the glass construction reaches up to the ceiling, during the day you will see the activities of Amsterdam and in the evening the sparkling lights of the beautiful city center.

At this location we have organized several large public events and also gala evenings with award ceremony and party. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail and completely according to the customer’s wishes. With such a large and extensive location, there is a unique event for everyone to create.


  Main Deck Promenade Deck Panorama Deck IJbox
Dinner 1.000 guests 250 guests 200 guests 50 guests
Fair 1.500 guests 200 guests 350 guests  
Congres 1.200 guests   200 guests 50 guests
Reception 1.500 guests 700 guests 350 guests 100 guests


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