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With the reopening of the renovated Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam first of all has another special location. The courtyard ‘Het Open Pleyn’ can be used all year round for large events, among other things. The monumental building from 1656 has also been completely renovated. It also has a number of multifunctional spaces. This makes the location suitable for the most diverse events.


The collection of Het Scheepvaartmuseum is also one of the largest and most prominent maritime collections in the world. This with about 400,000 objects. These objects include not only paintings but also ship models. And also navigation instruments and world maps. Discover 500 years of Dutch maritime history. In addition, discover how strongly this is connected to today’s society in particular. And not just today, but also in the future.

The glass roof of ‘Het Open Pleyn’ gives the courtyard in particular a fantastic and intimate atmosphere. A specially developed floor also ensures optimal acoustics. In short, music and presentations will sound beautiful. The lighting in the canopy, on the other hand, can be adjusted.

However, the rooms of the Maritime Museum can be used for various events. From corporate parties and product presentations on the one hand to business meetings on the other. In other words, everything is possible at this location.

The Rooms of the Scheepvaartmuseum are nevertheless ideal with their beautiful view of the Oosterdok. For business meetings as well as festive events. These are connected to each other through windows and doors. Also available during the day and in the evening. The Rooms of Het Scheepvaartmuseum each have more than just a fixed beamer and projection screen. But also about sound system with microphones and WiFi.

The Maritime Museum also has ‘De Amsterdam’. The replica of the VOC Ship built by more than 400 volunteers.

The Maritime Museum has two parking facilities within a 10-minute walk. namely parking Markenhoven and Oosterdok. In particular, special wishes such as arranging transport can also be discussed.

Below is an overview of, among other things, the possibilities of the Maritime Museum.

The Open Pleyn Dinner 700 guests
Event 1,000 guests
The Room of Tromp Theater setup 75 guests
Reception 120 guests
The Room of De Ruyter Theater setup 125 guests
Reception 175 guests
The Room of Van Heemskerck Theater setup 75 guests
Reception 120 guests
Admiralty Room (evening only) Dinner 30 guests

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