Close to the Oranjesluizen in Amsterdam North, the water management church of Schellingwoude, which stands on a mound, is located at the foot of the dike. The historical research before and during the restoration of this Schellingwouderkerk showed that several churches have stood on the mound since the beginning of the 14th century. The current, originally Reformed church, dates from 1866. In 2000, the church was completely restored, among other things.

The Schellingwouderkerk is also the village church of the dike village of Schellingwoude in Amsterdam-North. The church building is not located along the Schellingwoude dike, but a little lower behind it on the Wijkergouw. An intimate white church that, together with its original music dome, offers one of the most romantic places in Amsterdam. With its not only unique but also relaxing environment, the white church is also the perfect setting. This includes workshops, small-scale dinners, conferences and lectures. In Schellingwoude, a village opposite Amsterdam on the IJ, there has been a church building since the fourteenth century. The Schellingwouderkerk has a reception capacity of 120 people. 80 people at a concert and 50 people at a dinner. It is the perfect location for a romantic and fairytale wedding.

The church is available to rent daily from 9:00 AM to midnight. In addition, the church is very easily accessible by car. There is also a free spacious car park nearby.

Below is an overview of the possibilities of the Schellingwouderkerk.

Theater Reception Dinner
80 guests 120 guests 45 guests

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