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Trompenburgh will be completely renovated in 2022 and not accessible for events.

Cornelis Tromp had the country estate reconstructed in 1673 after the destruction of the first draft in particular from 1654. The manor with a moat is situated in the middle of an overall geometric park. After Tromp’s death in 1691, the heirs let out the special country estate for a few years. Various changes were therefore made at Trompenburgh in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. In addition, several tracks have been left behind in the site. The particularly 17th-century main structure has been preserved.

The special feature of Trompenburgh is mainly expressed in an ‘existential’ coherence between both the landscaping and the house. These parts are not only connected by water, sight and iconographic program, but also the intact condition is present in the house.

With the 17th-century Trompenburgh, ‘t Gooi has a beautiful wedding location. This special historic location is surrounded by water and has a view of a beautiful garden.
The beautifully decorated and octagonal Trompzaal is a romantic ambiance to say yes to each other.

Below is an overview of the possibilities at Trompenburgh.

Getting married 49 guests
Dinner 49 guests
Reception 49 guests
Presentation 49 guests

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