The Van Houten Church was erected in 1906 by order of the Van Houten sisters. Because after more than a century of use, the burden of daily management and maintenance had become too great. In 2009 the church was taken over by Stadsherstel. For example, the exterior of the building has Neo-Romanesque style features. The beautiful crowns and wall fixtures, and the many templates on the walls and ceilings, catch the eye. The acoustics of the room are excellent.

The Van Houtenkerk is a church building in the North Holland town of Weesp. This church is also called the ‘chocolate church’ because it was commissioned by the ladies J. S. and H.C. van Houten (chocolate factory) was built. Construction took place on the site of a demolished Van Houten villa on the Oudegracht. The capacity of the wooden church is 250 people at a reception, 200 people at a concert and 120 people at a dinner.

The Van Houtenkerk can be booked every day of the week for lectures, concerts, dinners, recordings, condolences and weddings. Many annual events take place in the Van Houtenkerk, such as the Weesp Chamber Music Festival, the Weespers aan de Wand exhibition, the Antique Market and concerts by the Kroonkoor and the Erard Ensemble. The building is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities that are necessary for a successful event, such as a good sound system, theater lighting, toilets and heating. The sound of the hall is excellent, which is why it is a popular place for recordings, choirs and musicians.

Below is an overview of the possibilities of Van Houtenkerk.


– Dinner

– Concert

– Front desk


120-200 guests

230 guests

250 guests

Meeting room 30 guests

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