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Museum ‘t Kromhout has become known for its legendary Kromhout engines. The Westkap and Oosthal, both industrial national monuments, were built around 1880. The shipping activities were terminated in 1967 and preparations were made for the demolition of this unique place on the Nieuwe Vaart. Thanks to a large contribution from the Prince Bernhard Fund, the yard was able to be revived in 1975.


The Westkap is still in use as a shipyard and is surrounded by old ships. Part of the collection of the Kromhout Museum has a prominent place in the Oosthal, creating a unique atmosphere.

At this beautiful location we were able to provide a beautiful wedding reception, and with the robust and industrial style of the location, there is the possibility to create something unique every time.

The Oosthal is perfect for events where, for example, a robust floor can be flexibly arranged between the historic and still working Kromhout engines. The space is also ideal for daytime activities such as lectures, workshops and presentations for up to 200 people. At a dinner there is room for 175 people, and at a reception no less than 250 people.

In the middle of the city, the history of Amsterdam comes back to life and old techniques and modern repurposing are combined in this special location of Stadsherstel. The Kromhout Motoren Fabriek in Amsterdam was for many years a builder of trucks, buses and ship engines. The ‘t Kromhout Museum is located in an old factory hall, which has been completely renovated. Three important periods are discussed: timber construction, the construction of iron ships using rivets and iron construction according to 20th-century techniques, using electric welding. The capacity of the ‘t Kromhout Museum is 242 people at a reception, 200 people at a concert and 175 people at a dinner.

Dinners, receptions and company presentations are given a nice extra dimension within this inspiring environment. Theater companies and musicians, for example from the Grachtenfestival, praise the decor and are inspired by the history and the beautiful surroundings. ‘t Kromhout is also a popular wedding location. From the official yes and a photo shoot to a drink or a walking dinner. Museum ‘t Kromhout is of course equipped with all modern facilities, such as heating, sanitary facilities and changing rooms. The upstairs room with a view of the historic Oosthal offers the possibility to first have a drink or meet and then sit down downstairs for a tasty dinner. Outside you can have a drink by the water with a view of the mill and the Oosterkerk.

Below is an overview of the possibilities at Museum ‘t Kromhout.

Reception Dinner
242 guests 175 guests
Museum ‘t Kromhout is easy to reach by public transport, but is also within walking distance of City Hall and Central Station. The shipyard is also accessible by water.


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