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. The various locations are: the ‘Gashouder’, the ‘Leidinghuis’, the ‘Machinegebouw’, the ‘Transformer Huis’, the ‘Werkkamer’, the ‘Westergas Theater’ and the ‘Zuiveringshal West’.



For example, there is the ‘Gashouder’, with the interior space and cast iron ceiling in particular the most emblematic building of the ‘Westergas’. The round shape on one side and on the other hand the industrial character give an extra dimension to any event.

Zuiveringshal West

‘Zuiveringshal West’ has space for a large number of guests for both a plenary meeting as a dinner or company presentation. It is also possible to divide this space in two.

Transformer Huis

The ‘Transformer Huis’ is good to use, for example, a party with a club-like setting with lounge sofas or for example nicely set tables for an atmospheric dinner.

Westergas Theater

The ‘Westergas Theater’ consists of the theatre hall with both retractable and flexible side panels as a lobby. With open walls can be made up to one space the room and foyer.


The ‘Machinegebouw’ is well suited for both presentations as dinners. Because of the romantic atmosphere and ‘ Chapel ‘, it is also a popular wedding venue.


The ‘Leidinghuis’ is one of the smaller buildings on the site, and is seen as the hidden Pearl and is well suited for a meeting or workshop, but also for a smaller reception.


The ‘Werkkamer’ is good to use for your meetings or workshops. The space is furnished with robust and industrial furniture and give a unique atmosphere.


  Theatre Dinner Reception
Gashouder 2100 guests 1100 guests 3500 guests
Leidinghuis 8 guests 8 guests 20 guests

–        De ‘Kapel’

200 guests

50 guests

180 guests

40 guests

265 guests

50 guests

Transformatorhuis 600 guests 400 guests 750 guests
Werkkamer 30 guests 20 guests 50 guests
Westergastheater 250 guests 180 guests 900 guests
Zuiveringshal West 1000 guests 700 guests 1500 guests


For more information about the ‘Westergas’ click here.

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