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Since 1881, the Westfries Museum has been housed in this all in all special building. In 1994 the museum was expanded with a municipal monument that originally consisted of two houses. The monumental gate that closes off the courtyard dates from 1729. Behind the museum is a courtyard garden, where both gable stones and other ornaments from monuments from Hoorn can be seen.

The Westfries Museum is a regional historical museum located on the Roode Steen in the Dutch city of Hoorn. It is supported by the Friends of the Westfries Museum, which was established at the initiative of the Westfries Genootschap. The building is a national monument and was owned by the State (Government Buildings Agency) until January 15, 2016, while the museum is a municipal institution. In addition, it is registered in the national register under number 22558. The building in which the museum is located was originally the Statencollege, the meeting place of the Committed Councils in West Friesland and the Noorderkwartier, as part of the States of Holland and West Friesland. .

The Westfries Museum is easy to reach not only by public transport but also by car. The museum is about a 10-minute walk from Hoorn Station.

Due to the monumental housing, the stairs and differences in level, the museum is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users.


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