Westfries museum

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The Westfries Museum is located in the old States college. The location is a stately monument. This monumental housing gives the museum a special character. The collection and the building together tell the story of the golden age.

Since 1881 the Westfries Museum is housed in this building. In 1994, the museum was expanded with a local monument. The local monument exist originally from two houses. The monumental gate dates from 1729. Also shut the monumental gate the courtyard down. Behind the museum is a courtyard garden. In the countryard garden are facing bricks and other ornaments. They are submitted by monuments from Hoorn.


The museum is easily accessible by public transport. The museum is about a 10-minute walk from the Station.


Important information

By the monumental housing the steps and level differences. For that reason the museum is not accessible for wheelchair users.


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