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The Zuiderkerk is the first church in Amsterdam designed for Protestant worship. The Zuiderkerk was built near the Sint Antoniesbreestraat in the Lastage. Today this is the Nieuwmarktbuurt. On November 2, 2010, it was announced that as of January 2011, the National History Museum will temporarily rent the Zuiderkerk as accommodation for a period of five years. Both as an exhibition space and for office space. The museum under construction was closed down by the government in the course of 2011 due to budget cuts. Since then, the church has been regularly rented out for gatherings and cultural activities, among other things.

Are you looking for a suitable location for your wedding, a conference, a dinner or a meeting? The Zuiderkerk is very suitable for room rental in Amsterdam. The church has five halls and an unparalleled atmosphere. The beautiful building is equipped with many classic elements from the Dutch Renaissance style and has many modern facilities. Room rental at the Amsterdam Zuiderkerk ensures an event that will never be forgotten! The perfect event location in Amsterdam.

Are you looking for a unique conference room in Amsterdam? The Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam has various conference rooms with atmospheric characteristic elements. The beautiful building in Dutch Renaissance style was built in the 17th century and features geometric shapes, beautiful high windows and a large nave. The ideal location for conferences, meetings and other events. View the different rooms.

This room offers options for dinner for up to 300 people, reception for up to 600 people and concerts for up to 500 people. And also a Marriage, commemoration, congress, fair, lecture, lecture.


This room offers the following options: Meeting at a rectangular table, approximately 35 people, Meeting in theater style, approximately 60 people. And also a dressing room, rehearsal room and a catering room


This room has an open connection with the nave and is suitable for use in combination with the nave. This room offers options for dinner for up to 300 people, a reception for up to 600 people and a concert for up to 500 people.


The Consistorie is suitable for small gatherings of up to 10 people. Ideal as a training location or meeting room, for example.


This room is suitable for smaller gatherings of up to approximately 75 people. The red hall is in open connection with the nave. Ideal for a conference or concert, for example.


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