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The ‘Westzijderkerk’ is an old church building: it was built in the years 1638 to 1640. Before that time was met only in the Oostzijderkerk, and a church building on the other side of the river Zaan with it did not just happen. It was seen as competition, particularly with regard to the income for the Church.

But after by the States of Holland and West-Friesland in 1637 had been authorised the construction was begun. The Church was built in three years; best fast for such a large building. The first draft was in the form of a Greek cross.

In the years after 1640 extended the municipality on the west side of the Zaan are steadily due to strong economic growth. The church building was soon too small and had to be increased. In the years 1672-1680 was first in Western and then expanded to the East, whereby the Church got the form we know today.


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