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Not only the magical but also historical spaces of the Zuiderzee Museum are a unique backdrop for a special event to begin with! The museum has something for everyone; we are happy to guide you in finding the all in all the right location within this Historic Pearl of North Holland.

For example, sometimes you want to meet outside the door with your department or management. A breath of fresh air through your thoughts and, moreover, no snoopers around. The Zuiderzee Museum offers various, surprising meeting locations. And do you have a break? Then you recharge yourself in the museum! If you do not want to meet ‘at home’, you can of course opt for a regular hotel or conference room. But first take a look at the possibilities of the Zuiderzee Museum. This not only offers beautiful, historic meeting rooms, but also a very inspiring museum environment with culture, history and design. How about the Purmerend location, for example? Purmerend is a small, recently renovated boardroom. Imagine: meeting in a contemporary setting on wonderful designer chairs. The Purmerend space has a maximum capacity of 10 people. The Purmerend room is standard equipped with, among other things, WIFI, an Ultra HD screen, flipchart, pens and paper.

Coffee House Hoorn is a historic space behind a bakery. So you can have a pleasant meeting between atmospheric, antique tile pictures. At noon, for example, you can enjoy a delicious sandwich lunch in the Amsterdam House. And do you have a moment’s break? Then of course you walk through history in the outdoor museum! Bet you go home with completely new ideas? Coffee house Hoorn is standard equipped with, among other things, WIFI and a large Ultra HD screen. But also a flipchart, pens and paper. Coffee house Hoorn has a maximum capacity of 30 people.

The Peperhuis consists of two rooms that are connected to each other and is therefore ideal for a combination of, for example, an informal meeting and an official press moment. Or for a communication team ‘behind the scenes’. Receive your guests or the press in the front room and invite them to the back room. Fully equipped with not only a beamer but also a microphone. Very useful for presentation. Afterwards, you put the guests in the front room in contact with your experts. You can also let them try out the latest models or present your latest culinary creation. And when the weather is nice, include your private terrace in the program!

It is a museum with various buildings from all over North Holland. The Zuiderzee Museum has the following locations:

Theater Dinner Party Reception Carre
The Amsterdam House 150 guests 250 guests 350 guests

The Pepper House

– Front hall

– Backroom


40 guests

80 guests


50 guests

100 guests


60 guests

120 guests


Cafe Hindeloopen
30 guests
40 guests
Coffee house Hoorn 30 guests

20 guests
Property Purmerend


12 guests
Wieringer Chapel 60 guests


Indoor museum: Atrium
40 guests
125 guests

Curious at which locations we can organize more events for you? Check out our other locations here!

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