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Imagine yourself in the history of North Holland. The magical and historical areas of the Zuiderzee museum are a unique backdrop for a special event! The ‘Zuiderzeemuseum’ has something for everyone; We assist you in finding the right location in this historic Pearl of the North Holland.

Capacity Zuiderzeemuseum

The museum features the following locations:

  Theatre Dinner Reception Carré
Het Amsterdamse Huis 150 guests 250 guests 350 guests
Het Peperhuis

–        Voorzaal

–        Achterzaal


40 guests

80 guests


50 guests

100 guests


60 guests

120 guests

Café Hindeloopen 30 guests 40 guests
Koffiehuis Hoorn 30 guests 20 guests
Pand Purmerend 12 guests
Wieringer Kapel 60 guests
Binnenmuseum: Atrium 40 guests 125 guests



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