The Company

A good event contains the right mix of location, facilities, activities and catering. Things that merge seamlessly with the experience of NH-Catering. From the invitation, dressing up the location to completing the program. And besides, of course, the serving of culinary surprises. We are your event partner!

Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to describe exactly what we do in just one single sentence. However, our point of view has never changed!

Our point of view

Our point of view remains: to translate personal attention together with the wishes of the customer into a lasting memory. The actual elaboration of this has, however, been further expanded. This principle certainly contributed to this.

From a tasty buffet to fully facilitating and organizing a (public) event. Or a VIP gala dinner with all necessary facets. Over the years we have been able to take care of it many times!

Furthermore, the reactions we have received ensure that we always get to work with our passion and give our full attention.

Where it all started..

Like with most ideas: it all simply started outside in the garden, while enjoying a bite to eat over a few drinks!

It was Mr Jonkmans’ (Director) friends and acquaintances who, after an evening of sharing an enjoyable dinner said; “The geniality, quality and attention that you provided is only ever equalled in restaurants.” It is rare to receive this quality from caterers but certainly this attention to detail is rare.”

This initiated the start of a catering company in the area of Amsterdam and using all of the knowledge and experience that already existed! Now, many years later, this company has grown immensely but still maintains the same common thread as before, namely: attention.


Suitable to every company

No two companies are alike. Therefore, NH-Catering offers several different options suited to all companies while taking into account the needs, budget and charisma that you wish your company to portray. Beautiful meals made with pure, delicious products form the basis of each and every option. Always the right partner for catering in the area of Amsterdam.

More information

Noord-Holland Catering for:

  • Providing catering from A-Z for every budget
  • Delivery of catering and accessories
  • High-quality catering, with an eye for detail
  • Regional, seasonal dishes that are pure and purely delicious
  • Catering in the area of Amsterdam