Are you our new independent working cook for our beautiful catering company in Oosthuizen?

Our chef is in daily contact with the growers in the region. Looking for not only the most beautiful, best but also the most sustainable way to grow, process or innovate products. Together with 2-star chef Onno Kokmeijer they create the most special dishes. In order to then provide a platform for the beautiful products in the region and to bring the passion of the grower to your event.

An independently working cook helps with the (pre) preparation and layout of dishes and dish parts. You work according to fixed instructions regarding ingredients, recipes, working methods and external presentation. Creativity and input are highly appreciated and you will regularly work in the most diverse and special locations. NH Catering & Events is a catering company for the higher segment, and is led by our chef. You work for fun and love to please other people, and colleagues enjoy working with you!

It’s not for nothing that we say “Passion for food and quality“!
Do you recognize yourself in this, and do you want a real challenge, not every evening and weekend weeks and career opportunities? Mail us, and we will quickly arrange an appointment!

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NH Catering & Events voor:

  • Providing catering from A-Z for every budget
  • Delivery of catering and accessories
  • High-quality catering, with an eye for detail
  • Regional, seasonal dishes that are pure and purely delicious
  • Catering in the area of Amsterdam